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spathiphyllum | 12:12 Wed 09th Jan 2019 | Food & Drink
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I try to eat meat and two veg for dinner.. usually ends up as broccoli and roast potatoes being the two veg.. i feel it's not as healthy as it could be.

Anyone got any ideas to spice up my life a bit.. Any broccoli dishes i could make to have on the side? Trying to avoid cheese and too much fat though.. For example roasted broccoli and garlic maybe some runner beans.. just to add a few more veg.. Not sure if i can count potato as one of the two veg

Does mint go with broccoli?


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I have never tried mint with broccoli but there is a recipe of mint broccoli and peas.
Broccoli is still broccoli. Go to the veg or freezer section of your supermarket and get a variety of stuff. Carrots, leeks, cabbage, spinach, parsnips, beans, peas, etc. etc. etc..
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The ms can be quite a fussy eater.. I feel if i make like a mini bake then anything in it would be disguised
Shred (spiralise ?) and bake, maybe. Add whatever herbs and/or spiced are approved of. Check the Net for good recipies.
Although a bit more expensive, tenderstem broccoli is quite delicious, so much nicer than the calabrese form, and it's good for you!

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Meat Two Veg

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