How Do You Get The Smell Of Fish Out?

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cassa333 | 14:53 Mon 31st Dec 2018 | Food & Drink
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I got a big box of fresh fish and put it in the footwell of the car and didn’t realise some of the fish water seeped out.

Now the car stinks and I can’t get the smell to go.

I’ve doused the interim with detol spray and so flora but it still is too much to even get in the car.

Any ideas would be most welcome.



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Once you've cleaned the area with mild detergent and warm water and let it dry, sprinkle a fragrant commercial carpet deodorizer directly onto the area of the carpet with the fish smell. ... These fragrances essentially mask the odor until the baking soda in the product absorbs the smells.
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Thanks. I shall try that now before it gets to cold and dark.
Good luck
Head down to your nearest branch of Pets At Home and buy this stuff:
It contains enzymes that break down the source of odours. It's great for dealing with pet odours or for when your grandkids throw up on your carpet or for anything similarly nasty.

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How Do You Get The Smell Of Fish Out?

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