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diddlydo | 16:30 Sun 30th Dec 2018 | Food & Drink
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I bought some hot-smoked salmon in Waitrose yesterday - it was heavily reduced as the "use by" date was 29 Dec. I'm intending to eat it today or tomorrow in the 100% sure knowledge that it will be absolutely fine and I'll have no ill effects. How many of you would eat it and how many would bin it?


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Smoked salmon should only be eaten cold.
I'd definitely eat it today. I wouldn't leave it until tomorrow. Enjoy it.
I'd definitely eat it.

'Hot smoked' refers to the method used to smoke it Jack.
Question Author
Jackdaw - you appear not to understand the different sorts of smoked salmon. There is hot-smoked and cold-smoked. You eat the resulting product cold but the 2 types are completely different in taste and texture.
I'm tossing a coin to decide between poor understanding or humour from Jackdaw.
Notice the hyphen, jack? Hot-smoked salmon is not hot smoked salmon!
I would eat it.
On parr for jack ;-))
Never come across the difference. To me it is just smoked salmon, period.
I would definitely eat it - yum yum.
It will be ok to eat today but I wouldn’t chance tomorrow.
Hot - smoked salmon is my favourite I eat loads of it and am actually going to have a go at smoking some myself
Yummy love smoked salmon. I would eat in fact it would be all gone by now!!
You still have it ?!
If it looks and smells ok, eat & enjoy.
If you have kept it refrigerated you will be ok for another day, is it use by date or best before date?
Tony.....short-life ("perishable")foods don't have a "best before" date....only a "use by" date.
Yep, I’d eat it. You could also freeze it successfully too, to eat at a later date.
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I would happily eat in today or tomorrow or in 3 days time. I always work on the principle that if it looks OK, smells OK and doesn't have obvious whiskers it's fine to eat. I only asked out of interest as there seem to be a number of people on this site who think that there's something magic about use-by and best-before dates and that the item in question suddenly becomes poisonous so they bin it - such a waste!
In my experience of the many questions we have about dates on food, most ABers seem sensible and use good judgement.

If you are fit and have no underlying problems, then leeway with dates is no problem.
Ooo...yes, I'd have it. In fact, I did yesterday. It was delish, in spite of being !!!shock!!!horror!!! a day...or 2...out of date.
diddly me old china still waiting for you over here:

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Hot Smoked Salmon

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