Layered Vegetables

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horseshoes | 11:14 Fri 16th Nov 2018 | Food & Drink
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Hi all. I saw a nice looking vegetable bake yesterday but foolishly didn't take a note of all the ingredients. I have onion, broccoli, carrot and shredded cabbage and leek. I want to make a nice dish of these in layers. Then one I saw had grated cheese on top and cooking time was 45 minutes. (Dont know temperature)

My question is...... what else do I need to put in it? Does it need something that will sort of bind it?

Thank you.


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I suggest you fry off the onions and leek and add a tin of tomatoes. Add some tomato puree and seasoning. Now blanch the other veg, pop in an oven proof dish, stir in the tomato mix. You could top with a savoury crumble mix, or a potatoe topping, or simply grate some cheese on top. Cook for half an hour.
Maydup -gosh that sounds yummy!
Horseshoes, another idea is to use a cheese sauce in between the layers. I agree with maydup that the veggies need frying off/blanching first then layer like a lasagna with cheese sauce, grated cheese finally ending with a thick layer of cheese sauce and more cheese. I like cheese.....:-D
Milk, cheese sauce?
Yeah, but it's a made up recipe....
Sounds like you need to roughly copy a ratatouille recipe
Ratatouille has Mediterranean veg in not broccoli carrots and cabbage
You can put em in if you want ennit
Pre-home freezer days, whenever there was a glut of fresh veg I would do a layered dish in a large casserole. Some of the veg I would gently pre-cook, such as carrots, parsnips, baby onions, swede etc.

I made a seasoned white sauce to which I added a tin of Campbells condensed mushroom soup (undiluted) and beat together. Poured this gently over the veg and the sauce would trickle through the layers.

Finished off with grated cheese added to a packet of crushed plain crisps and cooked in about gas mark 4 for an hour. Served with bacon or gammon.

Haven't cooked it this year but was looking for ideas for tomorrow, so there I have it.
You could chuck in some stock, cover and cook - drain off the excess liquid, sprinkle cheese on and put back in the oven.
I'd put the veggies between layers of thinly sliced potatoes and onions. Cheese on top.
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Ooh now I'm spoilt for choice. I just KNEW you'd come up with marvellous suggestions. Thank you. x
Awww thinly sliced potatoes inbetween layers sounds like the business.

Have an experiment, as all the best reciped are Made Up!
Ooh, I’m going to add these suggestions to my fussy visitors food list :)

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Layered Vegetables

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