Do You Like Eating Edible Turkey Or Edible Turkey?

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RainbowRafiki | 00:28 Thu 08th Nov 2018 | Food & Drink
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Turkey is awesome. So is turkey.


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Tell it to the birds.
Question Author
I have a pet bird. I fed my chickens chicken by accident, and they loved. They're dead now.
Either compared to inedible Turkey.
Cannibal Corpse then? Good band.
I bought a boneless Turkey to roast for dinner.

Poor thing must have had a miserable life.
My dog sounds like a ..... well, I'm not too sure really - you decide:

Sounds like a Capon.
Question Author
It sounds like a squeaky toy!
Sounds like me having a chunder down the speaking trumpet after a night out with my pals many years ago. :-(
Sounds like a Velocoraptor- that's a brilliant dog, why isn't it mine?
You're too young to have heard a velociraptor.
Or know how to spell it properly Mamy- I thought it looked wrong :) x
I had to check it ;-)
Question Author
Umm.... What? Your dog's adorable dude. Sorry if you're not a dude. I call everyone that.
Question Author
Turkey day has arrived! I ate chicken.

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Do You Like Eating Edible Turkey Or Edible Turkey?

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