Greek Salad & Cucumber

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retrocop | 19:36 Mon 01st Oct 2018 | Food & Drink
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I have just prepared a Quasi Greek Salad to go with my left over Roast Chicken from yesterday.
I say Quasi because I put a lot more than Feta,lettuce tomato in it to give it that name( in case any one asks:-)
Whilst peeling the cucumber to add I was musing that my dear Mem Sahib would never bother peeling it after first washing it,of course. I am happy to eat the skin of a jacket potato and believe there is more protein in an unpeeled carrot etc but I cannot face cucumber,which I am happy to add to any creations I prepare and eat with the skin still on it.
What do you Gastronomes feel about unpeeled cucumber? I won't eat it.


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I'm not a Gastronome but I never peel cucumber.
Had cucumber in my salad tonight but with skin on. My mum used to peel it.
Skin on for me.
Always keep skin on cucumber.
skin on but I have to scoop out the seeds before cutting it up
I pull a fork along the skin to serate it and remove the seeds. I take after my Mum, it was her compromise when Dad wouldnt eat it with the skin on.
I`m not a huge fan of cucumber but I would eat it skin on. Same with courgette
Skin on for me.
It looks like you are in the minority, Retro. :-)
I wouldn't bother peeling it...if I ever ate it.
I'll always peel carrots...I don't like the feeling of taste of the skin.
Who peels courgette? I've never heard of that.
I peel courgette when I make soup from it. Wouldn't bother otherwise
Life is too short to peel a courgette!
It depends how hairy it is.
I am not fussed, but OH won't eat cucumber skin.
When I was a child my mum would prepare cucumber and onion slices soaked in malt vinegar. She did peel the cucumber (and the onions!)

The house reeked of vinegar because it was always left out of the tiny fridge because it made the fridge reek. :-)

It was lovely on a tinned salmon sandwich.
go two ways, run a score with potato peeler down the sides so some skin on and some of.
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Certainly looks like I am in the minority here Tilly.
I won't show the mem sahib this when she returns from Foreign lands. It is strange, though, that I enjoy courgette( Zuccini) with skin on but perhaps because it is always cooked and the skin is softer. :-)
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Thanks all for giving me your time and opinions.
I must admit that it's nicer with the skin off, but as has been said, life's too short and I can't be arsed.

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Greek Salad & Cucumber

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