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Sqad | 16:19 Thu 12th Jul 2018 | Food & Drink
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I have never before posted in Food and drink, but this MUST be reported.
Mrs sqad:

Catalan Fish soup as a main course 2015 Albarino Rias Baixas followed by fresh strawberries and cream.

The secret of the soup is tomato sauce, made personally by Mrs sqad ( no bottled stuff).


No crust bread in this case but could be an added delight.


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That is one thing I have never ever liked is fish soup.
It just smells so fishy.
Wellll....we're going to want a recipe. Please. You can't tease us with like that, and not tell us.
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If it smells of fish, then the fish isn't fresh or it hasn't been cooked properly.
Forget the Albarino Rias Baixas - Just have a bucket full of Sangria :-)
Sounds delish!! Recipe please.
Waiter , there's a scale in my soup !!!
Fish smell fishy - of course they do.
I would hope it was fresh as it was cooked by a French chef and another time my father.
I'd be capable of knocking one up, Sqad, but if you had a recipe to share I'd be delighted.
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Her way:

6 fat tomatoes peeled , skinned and peeled to make your own, put them into a pan of black pepper,touch of salt and a touch of sugar.
Chop up a bulb of fennel into tiny, tiny pieces and put into a little water to cover and add a vegetable stock cube.
When fennel has gone soft...add a splash of white wine.
Add all that to the tomato that is bubbling away and add a teaspoonful of tomato paste.
Simmer gently for 30 mins on a low light, then take off the stove.
Prepare ANY fish that is skinned and boned and cut into 2" cubes.
When ready to eat put pan back on the stove bring to be hot but not boiling then drop the fish in and wait until the fish is cooked (minutes).

Have hot empty bowl in the oven and transfer soup into the bowl and serve with crusty bread.
Their fish soups are usually delicious, but their fish stews, or suquets, for me are even better, particularly for a main course.
Can't you get tins of Heinz soup in your part of the world sqad?
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Lol Wolf!
That Albarino is a very tasty drop of wine.
Yes, Garaman, a zarzuela, if done right, is unsurpassable.
Absolutely, Sandy. I had one last night. I thought it would be a celebration not a commiseration, but it was a delicious drop of vino nonetheless.
My absolute favourite is Blue Nun.
Is the Albarino a dry wine ?
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Baldric....varying degrees but yes, it is a dry..ish white wine.
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