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Sqad | 16:19 Thu 12th Jul 2018 | Food & Drink
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I have never before posted in Food and drink, but this MUST be reported.
Mrs sqad:

Catalan Fish soup as a main course 2015 Albarino Rias Baixas followed by fresh strawberries and cream.

The secret of the soup is tomato sauce, made personally by Mrs sqad ( no bottled stuff).


No crust bread in this case but could be an added delight.


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Bazile - yes. From the Rias Biaxas in the province of Galicia. That's where the best Spanish lamb comes from too.
Oh well count me out then on that one then - i only like sweetish wines

I know some will consider me a philistine .
In fact i remember saying that on a thread a few years ago and was roundly criticised for my preference - lol
I used to make a fish stock for my soups and stews using monkfish head and fennel. I reckon that would make your soup even tastier.
You like what you like, and others should mind their own business.

I enjoy a sweet wine with pudding or cheese and biscuits but as I already said on another thread today I had some beautiful Muscat in Croatia a couple of years ago and it was so incredible, I could just drink it on its own, all night long.
If I had fennel I'd make that now. Thanks for the recipe Mrs Sqad.
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Garaman.......Mrs sqad says.....YES, depending upon how fishy you want it to taste.
You mean whether you like fish soup or vegetable soup with fish dropped in it :)
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For Zarzuela which is also tomato-based, you use proper fish stock and a paste made from grinding fried bread, garlic and toasted blanched almonds. It's "increible" as they say in Spain.

Yes, I have made that paste, NoM, and added it to the fish stock for a suquet, though I wan't aware of the name Zarzuela and had to look it up.

I am hungry now.
The great joy of simple food perfectly cooked. You can sense the smile from here.
It's funny when you talk about Mrs Sqad it's like a different person is posting. You know you are one of the lucky ones.
No idea what fennel tastes like, but that aside, sounds nice.
Many years ago someone on an aircraft offered me a sip of fennel tea. I nearly threw up and he laughed.
I love fennel tea. It's got an aniseed flavour, O-G.
Google says it tastes like liquorice or aniseed. Can't be bad if true.
Try it! Can usually be found food shops.
Maybe when things are back to normal I'll remember to try to roast a bulb.

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