M&s Beef Burger

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ethandron | 18:54 Sat 07th Jul 2018 | Food & Drink
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Is what we had earlier, the ones with marrow in them. They really are very, very nice, juicy and tasty, and I’m not a burger fan.


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Thanks for this. I've read reviews online - mostly good - and I did wonder if they were worth splashing out on.

Will try now!
I tried them...and didn't like them. Not seasoned well enough for me, too heavy and dense, and a bit too big. The dog got the second one.
yes I thought they were pretty good too....and my dogs loved them.
Agree. The best burger for a once in a while treat. The best is Blas Burger, St Ives, Merc.
Togo, we ate there last year. I was 14 weeks pregnant at the time and horridly uncomfortable (and bloated) even at that early stage.

I've got to say that The Dorset Burger Company in Weymouth was far superior to Blas Burger Works. I can't remember what he had but I had the "Dirty Moo" which was excellent. A nice bottle of Argentine Torrontes to wash it down and a very friendly waitress whose father, it transpired, worked in the theatre at my hospital on the maternity / delivery suite. In all probability he was present when my son was delivered by emergency C-section. Small world!
I love the Iceland special ones with a touch of miso.
Co-op Irresistible Hereford beefburgers rate well here ..
It seems impossible that people would go to and buy burgers at grossly inflated prices at supermarkets Find a local butcher, talk to him and he will give you a better deal ,after all Burgers are only Minced beef and can be bought at half price
Even better do as I do.Buy a mincer and make your own. Cheapest cuts of Beef work well ,once finely minced they are just as tender as expensive cuts. Add onion ,season with salt ,black pepper and your choice of herbs.
I actually prefer just beef with a small amount of onion ,pinch of salt and lots of course ground black pepper. Never found a bought in burger that is nearly as good (or as cheap) as home made. Even stewing steak works once fully & finely minced.

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M&s Beef Burger

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