Would You Buy A Food Item That Had Bird Muck On It,......

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10ClarionSt | 05:17 Wed 27th Jun 2018 | Food & Drink
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....... take it home and consume it, without complaining? Everyone does this at some point with one particular food item and I am not aware that anyone complains about it. What item is it? I should think you can probably guess.


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eggs ,yes I eat them
Only eggs, I buy mine from a farm. so sometimes they need a wash. No problem.
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It is eggs, mally, but it seems odd to me that supermarkets and shops put these on the shelves when they have bird droppings on them. And that is a fact. They do don't they? Dee doo. Dee doo. Dee doo dat dare dem don't dee?
Mine are also never more than a day old.
Eggs? The poop is on the shell.
Who eats the shell?
They could use a washer, but it's part of the marketing of eggs as a natural food. It's why some companies put a small feather in their free range eggs
its my understanding that washing eggs is not a good idea as the shell is porous and the wash can drive bacteria from the shell into the egg. In Ireland, washing eggs intended for sale to the public as whole eggs is not allowed.
Are you yolking?
Where’s Edwina Curry when you need her?
for goodness sake.. buy it..crack ! end of
morning Danny xx
Good morning Minty xxx
I don't eat the shells
Me either ;-)
Question Author
I thought everyone loved Egg Shells. Put a bit of salt on and they're just like plain crisps. With added "spices"! :o)
They're only ok if chocolate.
you need to get out more me old china.
I buy free range eggs from Asda and they never have bird muck on them !
I am confused, if they don't wash them because of bacteria getting through the shells...what about the bacteria on the poo. I have eaten eggs like this to no ill effect. But you do have to be careful when you break them to make a cake!!!
//Eggshell is made almost entirely of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) crystals. It is a semipermeable membrane, which means that air and moisture can pass through its pores. The shell also has a thin outermost coating called the bloom or cuticle that helps keep out bacteria and dust.//

So don't wash them just wipe them if needed.

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Would You Buy A Food Item That Had Bird Muck On It,......

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