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NoMercy | 13:33 Sat 09th Jun 2018 | Food & Drink
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Moser XV Cabernet Sauvignon, Changyu, Ningxia, China. 14% abv.

A wine resulting from a collaberation between 15th Generation Austrian Winemaker, Lenz Moser, and the renowned Chateau Changyu winery in Ningxia, China, using 12-18 year old vines situated on the fringes of the Gobi Dessert some 1,100m above sea level, this is a veritable gladiator among wines of this varietal.

Deep, rich and intense this complex and multi-layered wine retains a certain elegance whilst imparting flavours of blackberries, leather and chocolate with just a hint of spice on the finish. A punchy and expressive red which is well worth the modest price tag.

Available in Tesco for the offer price of £7 (down from the normal price of £8.50)

Always drink responsibly ;-)


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I just had to go to Tesco and get myself another bottle for later :-)
Two from Majestic on my table this weekend :

The Porta 6 is a very easy going, gentle red - nice with cheese and nibbles - or just on its own as you watch the sun go down.

The Hey Malbec is (despite the wacky label) a much more serious wine - loads of complex flavours and a good long finish - excellent with a Roast or even something spicy & ethnic.

Hic Burp Pardon (but always responsibly)

Question Author
Cheers Dave. I'm going to Majestic midweek x
Question Author
Dave, have you encountered any good Zins lately?

There are one or two fairly good ones at Aldi but I wouldn't mind trying something different.
There are no good Zins. Californian wine is dire :)
Question Author
We'll have to disagree on that one, 237. The very best wine I've ever had was a Dancing Bull Zinfandel which I first tried in a pub in Droitwich, whilst waiting for the RAC to come after bursting a tyre on the M5, mercifully only yards from J5. I later managed to source the same wine in what was Oddbins. That was just moments after the news broke that Michael Jackson had died.

Anyhoo, as I said, it was Californian and the very best wine I've ever had.
Two from Ocado, NoM - one cheap and gluggable, the other a great big wine :

I agree about California Zins - one of the best wines I ever drank was a 'cleanskin' (unlabelled) Zin from a major vineyard - sold at a price I could afford by Avery's, who'd bought the whole batch on the undesrtanding that they wouldn't reveal its birthplace - pretty sure it was from Stag's Leap though.

This is pretty flash too :
Question Author
Thanks for that, Dave. I do hope our friend, Redman, will get to sample one of those.

I will certainly try and give you my verdict.
Thank you all for the recommendations. Serious question to which I would really appreciate your answers. How much of these good wines are you enjoying per evening. Thank you.

Question Author
Ah, Dave, the Brazin Lodi Zinfandel is an old favourite of mine. I've mentioned it a fair few times on here. Watch out for offers - Waitrose occasionally sell it at £9.99.

I've had some Brazin vintages of 15%.
Question Author
Jake, I don't drink in the week but I do have a drink at the weekends.

Right now my life feels like Groundhog day with all the routines. I do look forward to a few glasses of vino at the weekend.
Question Author
Dave, he did post a thread recently asking for recommendations on Zins. He and his lovely wife are Zin enthusiasts too.
Jakep - "it depends" - over dinner with a friend I'd split a bottle (or even a drop more), on my own I'd just have a decent glassful (200-250ml) and stick a vacuvin bung in the bottle until the next day.
Lets hope they can split a bottle then, NoM - that would be very good.
Question Author
I'll drink to that!
Thank you for your replies. I believe I probably drink too much. Ok in the privacy of my home but difficult if try to post here or elsewhere. Sorry to hijack thread.
Question Author
Jake, I probably consume too many units in one go but I do have several days on the trot where I don't drink at all. In mitigation I do have a very healthy diet and drink lots of water on a daily basis.
Nom, thank you. My ‘intake ‘ is Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday.
I read on AB about all the recommendations and think I would just neck it !!!

Question Author
Thanks, Ed.

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