Losing Weight.

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grannie39 | 18:25 Wed 06th Jun 2018 | Food & Drink
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I need to lose as much weight as possible for a wedding, any suggestions for meals for one, must be tasty, and nothing fancy, like quails bottoms. The wedding is in August. thanks.


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I had list 10lbs when I weighed this morning, JJ.

When I fast for a couple of days every few weeks, I usually lose around that amount. More importantly, it helps to increase insulin sensitivity and has helped my IBS immeasurably.
10lbs lost is a fantastic loss - that's nearly a stone in a couple of days.
You've done well NoM. Don't think I could fast for 2 days though. I'd feel shaky and faint!
It was almost 72 hours. I did have a couple of nettle teas in that time but otherwise water only.

Fasting can totally reset your metabolism by increasing insulin sensitivity / fighting insulin resistance. It's worth googling and spending time reading about it.

Intermittent fasting can be done in various ways to suit the individual and can, in some cases, reverse diabetes.

There was a fantastic programme on BBC1 earlier called The Truth About Carbs.
I was very impressed by that program last night.
(Available on BBC iPlayer).
It pointed to current research in how reducing carbs has the potential not just for weight loss, but can reduce blood sugar and reverse diabetes. I think everyone should watch it.
Rapid weight loss can cause gall bladder issues, i.e. above 2 kg a week. (note you habitual dieters)

5 factors - all F:

Over Fifty

Over 65% of gall bladder ops are for women....and for we men who have experienced it, the pain levels are, apparently, worse than childbirth - why, at least with the latter, something productive is going on whereas the gall bladder is destructive - and for those wondering, the diaphragm is in total agony and there's a searing pain in your upper right shoulder and that's because of the autonomic nerve connections. That alone is a good indicator as to the gall bladder being on the blink.
Over Fifty
I don't diet.
Gallbladder ops are the highest number of ops carried out on Bariatric patients.
I was fat freckles and fair oh and female!!
I actually had mine out the same time as my sleeve op, as my gallstone was the same size as a flattened golf ball,
It's certainly that, Tilly...male or female.
Consume more fruits and vegetables, regular exercise like running and jogging helps you lose weight. avoid junk foods and food with high calorie content. This will help you in reducing weight and lead healthy life style.

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Losing Weight.

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