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spathiphyllum | 11:27 Wed 06th Jun 2018 | Food & Drink
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Why can other countries nail this niche yet the UK every vegan food item i find is disgusting. Tired them 'wicked' tesco things, they are grim. Get me an indian curry any day


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I eat lots of nice Vegan stuff, what's the problem Spath, cook your own :) x
Can you give us an example of how other countries 'nail' this? Please
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I think places like india use herbs and spices to create delicious tastes and aromas. Shop bought vegan food in the UK is grim. Flavourless, usually not well prepaired or cooked...

Went to chiquitos the other day to get some 'roasted' veg... It came almost raw. The english do not know how to cook vegetables properly in my opinion.

Kval, that is an idea but i'm a busy spath
Do other countries ? Tales I hear is that many have problems understanding vegetarian let alone catering for quirkier varieties like vegan. Anyway, is there vegan food worth trying ? I suppose fruit may be ok, but proper meals ?
//The english do not know how to cook vegetables properly in my opinion. //
Well I am sure every chef will appreciate your idea on how vegetables should be cooked - do you wish to share?
I know I spent 2 months just learning about vegetables when training.
OG I made a lovely chick pea, spinach, lentil and cauliflower curry the other night it was lush
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I think if you order roasted vegetables, they should not still be crunchy.
It may have been a one off - did you send them back?
It's al dente.
dont care what his name is - I'm still not eating them ;o)
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I didn't want them al dente i wanted them roasted.

I did offer that the waitress tried to cut my green pepper to experience the tough rawness, only to be told 'that's how they come'.
Really? The waitress stood at your table and tried to cut your food?
I prefer my veg well cooked. I'd eat it any way though.
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She did yes, because i told her to!

And i feel that Ummm. The sweet potato was done well (hard not to roast well..) but the peppers and courgettes were almost raw. Slightly oiled, warmed up with a grill mark on them.

I did not class them as roasted. Wish i got the corn on the cob.
I think if you order vegetables, and haven't specified raw or barely warmed they should not still be crunchy.

I guess a veg curry would be ok if the ingredients weren't still hard.
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i think with a curry is you almost stew it for a while so the veg becomes soft.
I prefer my veg crunchy and my roasted veg is cooked with a crunch as there is nothing worse than slimey veg
Sweet potato cooks really quickly.

I quite happily munch on raw veg. I'm not keen on the inbetween stage.

I don't like al dente pasta either even though the chefs say that's the way it should be.
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I think they just put all the veg in a bowl and hoped for the best... Sweet potatoe was cooked nice, everything else could have one with an extra 7-10 minutes. I like my veg soft... NOT slimy. I've never produced slimy veg
That's how they come.
Yes and the chef's job is to cook them !

Went to a gastro type pub a year or so back and had hard lukewarm veg served to me. This was winter, salad still on the menu, and this was the only proper option as a side dish I think, too long ago to be sure. We complained, and was told by the waitress that I could leave them if I didn't like them ! So good of her, I thought. Later management came over, didn't bother sorting the issue by taking the food awsy to be done properly, but said it's like that because they'd had complaints. I told them they'd another one now then. I think it's just lazyness and trying to save on the gas bill, and maybe a proper chef's salary. God only knows how it got adequate reviews it clearly didn't deserve.

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