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Chris38 | 10:22 Fri 01st Jun 2018 | Food & Drink
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Has anyone come across cooked breaded ham in the form of what used to be called (many years ago!) bath chaps? Are they still available and, if so, Where?


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Do not know, but I'd expect you'd find chaps in Bath: and possibly the Bristol area.
Does Old Geezer put an answer to every thing even if has not got a clue
A Bath Chap has nothing to do with Bath
Basically it is the jowels of a pigs head which is cooked and then covered in breadcrumbs which was very popular in the 1950/60's
I'm pretty sure it was a joke Gollob, I'm sure we all know, including OG, what it is. Crikey :/

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Bath Chaps

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