How To Make That Garlic Stuff?

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Scarlett | 20:22 Sun 27th May 2018 | Food & Drink
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I bought from the deli in a tub some garlic cloves in oil which seemed to have chilli or something on them. Previously I've had them in with olives. Any idea how I can make them at home? Is anything done to the garlic- pickled?!


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I tried doing them last summer after becoming addicted to pickled garlic. They needed at least three weeks in the fridge to mature according to all the recipes I looked at, and still didn't taste as good as the ones I'd bought. It was also a faff to peel so many cloves. If you decide to try pickling, do read up on it first. One of my batches turned blue...a reaction between garlic, pickling solution and jar lid I think. Not uncommon but off-putting.
pasta, by way of a prank, Alfred Hitchcock once invited friends to dinner but dyed all the food blue. Nobody could eat anything, it's such an unfamiliar colour for food..
I know jno...
I take a magnesium supplement in powder form. It needs to be mixed in squash as it tastes vile. Too much of the powder will turn the squash way can I drink it. *shudder*

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How To Make That Garlic Stuff?

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