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jakep | 08:06 Mon 21st May 2018 | Food & Drink
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I’m a bit confused!
We have a Brita jug with Maxtra filters. I have just used the last one and am googling to find my next lot.
I can only find Maxtra Plus filters. Have the basic Maxtra ones been discontinued? Grateful for any replies. Thank you.


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The Classic filters are still listed on the manufacturer's website (and available directly from them):
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Thank you both. Danny I can only see the Maxtra + (plus) on that link.
Chris my choice of the word classic was a poor one as I did not realise they did a filter of that name!
I am looking for the Maxtra but without the Plus (+)
Told you I was confused!
If in doubt, give Brita a free call:
0800 279 4145
(0800 - 1800)
Jake I have used Brita filters from Groupon for ages. They should fit your jug.
What's wrong with tap water?

///What's wrong with tap water?///

Depends where you live, here it's fine for showers but if it's for cooking or drinks, it's filtered.

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Brita Filters

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