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NoMercy | 09:14 Fri 18th May 2018 | Food & Drink
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Most Wanted Chardonnay, South Australia, 13% abv.

This excellent example of one of the world's most versatile and widely-planted grapes is brimming with ripe, juicy flavours of citrus and stone fruits with a background hint of tropical fruit for good measure. Powerful and refreshing with zero oak, this wine would accompany, but not overpower, most foods but could equally be enjoyed on its own on a pleasant summer's evening. Available at Tesco for the offer price of £5.50 (down from the normal price of £6.50).

Cono Sur 'Bicicleta' Gewurtraminer (100%), Chile, 13.5% abv

Cono Sur's Bicicleta wines are a tribute to the workers who cycle around the estate tending to the wines in order to produce the very best quality grapes. This rich and mouthwatering wine really delivers intense flavours of orange blossom and lychee, with a good dose of rose petal on the finish. Greenish yellow in colour, it is well-balanced and concentrated but somewhat cooling on the palate. This racy little number would stand up well to all kinds of asian fayre, even on the spicier end of the scale. Available in Tesco for the normal price of £7.50.

**Tesco are currently offering 25% off 6 bottles or more of all wines and champagne on delivery - valid until 28.05.18.**


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Another plug from me for the excellent Rude Wines of Hereford - nice people and excellent wines (and no - I don't get any sort of kickback from them) : Currently drinking their house red - bought a case of 15 last week and it's every bit as good as I remembered from the original selection box :...
16:09 Sat 19th May 2018
Bought six Cremant de Loire in sainsburys yesterday, down from£11 to £9, and thought they still had their 25% off six too, would have been a really good buy.
Unfortunately the 25% offer finished a couple of days previously :(
NoM, was it you who recommended a sainsburys white langeudoc recently? Bought one and have finally found a wine which himself actually likes. I do too :)
Im trying to find an accessible tesco love Gewurtz
I'm all inclusive so am drinking the local wine. It's not bad but I haven't got a clue what it is
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Eth, yes. Sainsbury's Languedoc is one of my "go-to" wines when I don't have time to trawl the aisles looking for something new. I really love it.

Rowan, the Cono Sur is an excellent example of the Gewurtz - not too sweet or cloying.
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What's the weather like, ummmm? It's still over a year until our trip to Crete.
keeping my eyes peeled for New Zealand ones, they are usually excellent
Viewers in Scotland have their own programme.

No discount allowed on alcohol.
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Rowan, I can highly recommend William's Well Riesling / Gewurtz from M&S. It's nigh on a tenner a bottle but it's worth the slightly higher price tag. It's Australian, not NZ, but worth a try. I did recommend it to Mikey around last Christmas. I'll never know now if he tried it :(
For a not too heavy red Tesco have a Finca las Moras award winning Malbec priced at a bargain £6. I love it.
I don't like Malbec or Gewurtztraminer so will give both a miss.
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I do love a Malbec, danny. Aldi do an excellent Argentine Malbec from their Exquisite Collection for only £5.99. It's a full-bodied and powerful version of the Malbec grape. It's another "go-to" wine for us.
It's lovely, it's suppose to be 29 tomorrow. It's little cloudy at the moment but still very warm
NoM, unfortunately Aldi don't do home deliveries.
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That's a shame, danny, as it's one of the best out there imo. If you know of anyone who is heading to Aldi to do a shop, perhaps they could pick you up a bottle.

I will give your suggested wine a try too.
Aldi do an almost black shiraz a bit powerful for some but almost chocolatey we buy loads of it mostly to drink with steak or powerful pasta dishes. Had some last night sent Red to sleep
Price not really an issue as Red is very restricted one glass a day max so we are buying less of better
Lidl are doing a really good Malbec for £4.99

Francois Dubessy Malbec;ar=7
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That sounds like my kind of Shiraz, Rowan.

Cheers for the recommendation, Webbo. I'll have a look out for that one when I'm next in Lidl. We actually have 2 Lidl stores within a stone's throw of where we live.
Its really smooth, very good.
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Sounds just the job, Webbo.

Rowan, I found the post I made to Mikey re the William's Well:

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