Baked Alaska

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Barmaid | 11:38 Wed 16th May 2018 | Food & Drink
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I am doing mini baked Alaskas for a special meal at the weekend.

Any ideas how I can tart them up a bit - ie variations on a theme?

Only dietary requirement is no nuts and no chocolate!


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edible glitter, sugar work, small fairies flying round with candles.
Question Author
Nice idea Spath, but no nuts!

McFluff, I despair...........
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i think its a banging idea.... you'll be the toast of the toasty thing
Blackberries and pineapple cubes on top. Looks lovely together!
Peach Melba inspired, use raspberry (ripple) ice cream with a with sliced peaches between ice cream and sponge.

A ginger based one using sliced ginger cake and stem ginger ice cream with some muscovado sugar in the meringue.

how about getting making a BFG, choc ice cream to with kirsch and cherries then make a chocolate merangoo to go on top and EDIBLE GLITTER DAMN YOU
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NO chocolate fluff.
Baileys and banoffee baked alaska.

Terrys Chocolate Orange baked alaska.

Turkish delight (Rose) baked alaska.

After Eight baked alaska.
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It's not a nut allergy, he just doesnt like them. Strange man.

Am liking the ginger idea. (I'm not a massive fan of peaches tho).

And pineapple goes quite well with ginger. Those two might have nailed it.

Mcfluff, I shall put some edible glitter in the post to you. And write rude things on the envelope for the post man.........
i'm not sure he's recovered from the last time!

what about summer fruits?

or just for the fun of seeing his face, remember that tomato sorbet you did.....or a stilton one :-D
Mango, lime & coconut

Coconut, lime & chilli

Dark choc, lime and chilli.
Question Author
Ooooh, those are nice ones, NoM. I really fancy the turkish delight one.

I just did a search for "edible glitter" and tescos found me "cat litter". Go figure.

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