Making Fancy Butter

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NoMercy | 15:16 Mon 14th May 2018 | Food & Drink
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What can I add to garlic butter to make it more interesting to go on steak?

I have an epicurean collection of spices and herbs so please suggest away.



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Sumac, I love the background tang
or some sweet smoked paprika,
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cafe de paris butter
Question Author
I do have some Pimentón in the cupboard, Rowan.

Bednobs - great suggestion. I was actually just looking at a recipe. I have most of the ingredients.
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Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

Islay, my Pernot days are well and truly behind me.

Spath, thank you. I have some growing in the garden.

Mamya, I'll keep that recipe for future use.

OG, great link. Thanks.

Danny, I might use that idea for salmon.

237, that's my all time favourite herb but unfortunately the only one I haven't got today.

I've also bookmarked this site which I found whilst looking, some interesting combos both sweet and savoury.

Enjoy your steak.
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Thank you.
Its only a touch it was very popular when I trained to add that to garlic butter - it does really take it to a new dimension - if you can get a small 5ml bottle it may be worth a try.
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5ml is a tsp ;-)
Or what ever those mini bottles are.
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Okay, thanks.
Chimichurri butter.

Blue cheese butter.

Horseradish butter, use freshly grated root or Tracklements prepared horseradish.
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Thanks. I'd never convince him to eat horseradish but the other two would go down well.

I especially love blue cheese.
Props to you for having the ingredients for cafe de Paris butter lying aroundown. And having the time and energy to contemplate it! It is lush though

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Making Fancy Butter

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