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redman41 | 12:48 Mon 14th May 2018 | Food & Drink
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Found the length and breadth of the UK. They really have saved the great British Beer Industry.Specialist Cask Ale Pubs with quality Ale are not easy to find, but when you do, the Beer is superb.I like both gravity feed and hand pulled.
Example Breweries: Green Jack (Lowestoft). Purple Moose (Porthmadoc).Coastal (Cornwall).Orkney (Stromness). Okells (Isle of Man)
Not come across any N.Ireland ones so far.
Any Beer lovers with favourites ?


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cheddar ales, somerset....
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Never come across them mushroom, but they have a good selection.
Do they sell their Beers in Cask or just Bottles ?
I was supping this on Friday night, Redman. Excellent beer:-)
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Nice Session Ale melv16.
Fat cat Norwich ...... and they do cheese
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Fat Cat Brewery Tap Norwich. Over 30 Beers to choose from on any given day. Bliss

It's a Goody (see what I did there?)
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Good one Baldric. Plenty of choice and plenty of Awards as well...
Ostlers, especially thoroughbred,
Cwrw Lal
Tiny rebel. Esp.the award winning cwtch if I spelt it right
Ad hop in Liverpoooooool
C'mon we have tried loads

have you tried the indian brewery in snowhill - my friends went recently for food and drinks, said it was excellent.
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That's an interesting one Fluff, and not too far away either. Recently opened as well.
Hope you are well ?? xxx
I'm good thanks, busy, but that's not a bad thing!
There’s a big debate going on within and against CAMRA at the moment (can be witnessed on Twitter). They’ve really done their job now and can disappear into the wilderness until such times as we’re not virtually swimming in real ale.
There's a schism within the ranks with the hard core ale drinkers fighting a rearguard action against the cider and Perry group and the craft keggers.
that is one hell of an mental image.....
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It's about 47 yrs since CAMRA was formed, at a time when Pubs served Mild, Bitter, and Keg Beer gassed to the hilt.Since then hundreds of traditional Pubs have closed,to be replaced by modern Bars in Towns and City centres serving Good quality Cider, Perry, and Keg Beer. The choice available now is huge, but quality Cask Ale is still King in my opinion.
Went out the other night with friends, ordered a bitter and friend came back with this one instead

I work in Poynton and had never heard of it before (and neither had my work mates).

Very nice and light - excellent on a summer's evening.
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Nice Session Beer Captain2....
Tenby Barefoot Pale Ale. I had a few bottles last weekend whilst down there.
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Not had any of their Beers, theprof. Have not come across them before...

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