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Barmaid | 10:41 Mon 14th May 2018 | Food & Drink
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Been offered some rabbit. What s your favourite rabbit recipe?


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Casseroled - but I don't have a specific recipe
I thought that George had 'sourced' some rabbit for you.

I can't eat Rabbit or Lamb for weak and pathetic reasons.
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My Mum used to make rabbit pie. It had white gravy and sliced potato and with a pastry top. I don't know how she made it though - it would have been an old Devon recipe from my Gran.
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I don't mind the flavour but I hate the bones
Find a recipe for chicken and leek pie (shortcrust pastry and a drop of bechamel sauce to bind the filling) and then use rabbit instead - very nice.
It's also the shotgun pellets that can catch you out, woofgang ...
true Dave
It's very popular in a paella Valenciana. I hated picking bones out all the time and now I can only eat fish and seafood in a paella.

Rabbit is a pointless food imo.
I'm not fond of rabbit. But the best way is casserole or stew, with potatoes, carrots leeks and/or onions, garlic and any other root veg you like, use some red wine or beer in the sauce.
Braised rabbit is my favorite.
It needs to be cooked long and slow until the meat literally falls off the bones. Delicious!

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