Fray Bentos

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jennyjoan | 20:37 Sun 13th May 2018 | Food & Drink
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When I used to eat the above - I could always open with the electric can opener. Give it a go - Millennials


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"Without compromising the integrity or quality of the Fray Bentos product" I like that!
Easier to make a pie :-)
Used to love their pies. Nowadays wouldn't touch them. The last one I bought had one piece of meat, the rest was gravy, and not very nice gravy at that.
Clever free advertising
How many readers know that Fray Bentos is a city in Uruguay?
No real reason I should have known I suppose but, I always assumed it was just a company name and not an actual place.

Anyhoo, can't beat gravy n pastry.

Oi! Millenials, ever seen the end of a bell? Your stupidity and general lack of manual dexterity combined with a whiny attitude is important to us but grow the fark up.
Trumped by the judge. :-)
I believe Fray Bentos was one of the first places where corned bef was processed and canned.
The current name comes from Friar Benedict , I remember being taught that.
And diseased and exported to the world.
Staff can buy these for a lot less than supermarkets charge.
How ridiculous. I've never had trouble opening them with a normal tin-opener. Is this real? I'm sure my millennial son opens cans without recourse to sledge hammers or chisels.
I quite like Fray Bentos pies (and those from their rival, Princes). As they're frequently on offer for just one pound in some supermarkets (and regularly priced at that level in Poundland, et al), I find they offer excellent value for money.

I've never had a problem opening them with a decent can opener. (The one I've been using for several years still has its £1.99 price label, from a local hardware store, attached to it).
I cannot abide Prince's. My cleaner/shopper is under strict instructions never to bring Prince's produce back to my house or I will dock her wages.
Gave me nightmares when I was a kid these pies! Yuk!
Baxters, the current owners announced that production would transfer to its site at Fochabers in Scotland.The move was completed in 2013.
Does not taste the same any more, since production has moved from Uruguay.
We do not buy it
They Will be sadly disappointed when they successfully open the pie, because there is not much meat to be found. Pastry and gravey, winner winner. :-)

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Fray Bentos

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