Red Wine (Chile)

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jennyjoan | 13:24 Wed 09th May 2018 | Food & Drink
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I bought this ages ago but opened the bottle - took half a glass one night about 3 weeks ago. Threw it out - rotten.

Am not a wine drinker and never will be.

Anyway two questions

Is the wine ok after being opened about 3 weeks

If so can I make red wine gravy - if so how. Please and thank you.


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I'd plonk it in a ragu or slow-cooker casserole.

Did the wine have a cork or screw-cap? Sometimes a young ("joven") wine can have a slightly corked aroma to it.
After 3 weeks opened it will be quite vinegary and even more unpleasant. Even when just opened, a nasty wine will not taste good in gravy. Throw it out.
Does it smell of malt vinegar?
Does it fizz when you put a tiny bit on your tongue?
No? then its ok.
For future reference - freeze wine when you know its not going to get drunk in plastic tubs then it is there when you need a little bit for a sauce etc
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Unlikely it was off when you first opened it then.

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Red Wine (Chile)

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