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jennyjoan | 22:39 Sat 05th May 2018 | Food & Drink
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I am not a fan of it at all only melted as in lasagne, spaghetti bolognese.

Anyway called to the local shop and they had nibbles - tried 3 separate cheeses in the hope I could get to like it - ok but one was really lovely - found it was Mexicana cheese. I could really eat that.


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I am not too keen on that, my OH likes it though. I do like most cheeses.
If you like cheeses with a bit of a punch to them, JennyJoan, keep an eye out for Y Fenni. It's a lovely Welsh cheese, packed with mustard and ale.
Y Fenni is the Welsh name for Abergavenny. Just a bit of useless information.
If you told me I could never eat meat again, I could live with that.

If you said no cheese, I would be distraught.
I can't imagine life without eating meat... cheese to me is a compliment topping.
Go to Sawyers behind Boots and try their cheese selection - they also do a Mexican one.
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oh I know Sawyers - but would not go into city centre for love nor money nor cheese.
I don't think I could live without cheese. I ate cheese sandwiches every day for 7 years at Grammar School. A good Lancashire (or Lancashire blue,, or....., or........... A lunch without a bit of cheese to accompany my apple is very rare.

So many cheeses; so little time!!!!!!!!!!!

Mature cheddar over tomato puree & oregano in a toasted sandwich - cheap, tasty, quick easy filler.
douglas! GREAT! I hadn't seen that. Thank you so much. :)
M&S once did a cheddar with whiskey for Xmas.
I don’t like whiskey but gave it a try as it was in a pack with 2 other types.
It was absolutely gorgeous. Have never come across it since, anywhere!
Wenesleydale Cheese, is a soft cheese, I like that Cosmopolitan, has vodka and prosecco in it, our local supermarket sell that and during Christmas they sell it with cramberries or apricot, depends on the supplier, I also love goats cheese - the same supplier produces this with different cocktails and anything goes really in it, my favourite cheese I think has to be smoked applewood with a bit of fruit, I tend to prefer cheese on crackers rather than hot on food or in sandwiches. There were some good links there and ideas of where to get good cheese, but if you prefer a cheddar and you can't find the whiskey one there is also an Hot Toddy chutney I use, I love it if I've no choice but to eat cheddar in a sandwich. I'm glad you liked the nibbles you tried, it's nice to get tasters in the stores, opens your mind to different flavours that you'd never think you would have ever eaten.
I like the Mexicana hot spicy variety.
I love Stinking Bishop. Despite the name it is delicious.

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