Did The Rights Contestants Reach Master Chef Final ?

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Jaidyn | 20:00 Thu 12th Apr 2018 | Food & Drink
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No - come on John and Greg - Alex should have been the third finalist ! I like Kenny - but soggy jelly ?
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Alex should have been kicked out ages ago. I've no problem with the final three.
I thought the combination of missing cauli, runny jelly and too much on the plate would do for Kenny, but the judges have the advantage of being able to taste the food and I'm guessing his must have tasted much better than hers ...
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Kicked out . Surely not ? Sieved out through a colander if an exit Isshould required !
One good thing is that the final three are men therefore I am pretty confident there will no tears at victory or squeaky voices describing the “journey” they have been on ! Straight cook of between the doctor and the pilot now - like both - very different but equally talented
No tears? I wouldn't bet on that - even John was welling up tonight.

It was sad to see Alex go but it was very close between those two.

Overall a good series.
I think it was the right result. His jelly needed another minute in the cold box but, unlike her offering, its taste couldn't be faulted. I always think it's a shame that anyone has to lose really. Such talented people all.
I think it was the right result, good luck to the final three.
We already had Kenny drop to the floor and wipe tears from his eyes so I think you might be wrong about a lack of emotion by male contestants!! Men do go on journeys and cry at the end you know!! Or perhaps you just meet men who have been brought up with the notion that men don't cry....thought those sort of upbringings went out in the 50s!! I reckon that whoever wins will have deserved it..a talented bunch this week. 5 hours for prepping a dish...I won't do it if there are more than 6 ingredients!!
6? Does that include seasoning.
mamyalynne ..of course...I don't salt food anyway but will use herbs .. anything taking 5 hours is not an option..unless it is bunged in the oven and left to get on with itself!!
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I learnt tonight on the BBC website that the TASTING section with John and Greg takes place after about 2 hours so the food is ALWAYS cold ! Yuksville !
i thought kenny would go - i wanted moonira in the final. I think nawamin will win. He reminds me of the american guy who won in one of the early series.
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There you go - as usual the person with the sob story wins - look out for Britain’s got talent new series - the person who has survived misery and turmoil will win even if they are talentless and dull
Three really talented people in the final, and all nice blokes to boot. I wouldn't have put money on who would clinch it the start, but it was pretty obvious Kenny deserved it from the comments when tasting. I thought Nawamin went just a bit too silly, and David's dessert was a bit too much like his starter in appearance.
The best cook won.
The advantage we obviously don't have is that we don't get to taste the food

In competitions like this it can only be a subjective thing , with respect to the judging

A different set of judges may well have decided on a different progression of contestants and eventual winner

Based on previous episodes it was looking that our Thai friend would triumph
However in the end the final cooking is what counts

Based on the comments of John and Gregg re the cooking and what we saw , I believe the correct contestant won

Result seemed right but I wish they would stop showing the finalists on shows like the one show before it is shown on TV. From the way they looked towards each other it seemed obvious who had won. It was the glances and smiles that gave it away. I told my Oh who I thought had won and she agreed and we were right. Think they should be on TV the day after the final so they can talk openly about the way it had gone for them.

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Did The Rights Contestants Reach Master Chef Final ?

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