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-SharonA- | 21:28 Mon 09th Apr 2018 | Food & Drink
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I know these may not be very popular in the U.K. but a neighbour keeps promising me a bucket full of the
Has anyone any personal experience of cooking these?? I have never cooked these and these ones are alive.
I did not want to show my ignorance.......


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Boll, steam, grill or bung them on the barbie.....I love crayfish.....If you lived near me I would be round like a shot.....Oh and don't cook them for much longer that 10/12 mins..depending on size...try a few first!
If your neighbour is taking them from rivers, make sure that the underside of their claws is red:
If so, they're signal crayfish, which are an invasive American species and your neighbour is doing the ecosystem a favour by removing them. (They're also very tasty).

If the underside of their claws isn't red, they're white-clawed crayfish, which is the the only species native to the UK. They're legally protected and it's a serious criminal offence to disturb them.

You might find this useful:

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Thanks Buenchico, I will be having a good look.
you also need permission to catch signal crayfish as they carry a virus which can spread to native species.
Unsure I understand the lack of permission if both species are at the site. Surely removing the invader for food and returning the native to breed is a plus, tipping the balance in favour of the native ?
Just to add Sharon is currently in Fort Lauderdale.

Enjoy when you get them Sharon.
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Thanks Mamya!
OG Traps don't know the difference between the species. The virus issue means that its dangerous for the native species to be in close proximity for any length of time plus being in the trap is stressful which makes catching a virus more likely. The signal crayfish are still removed from the waters but by specialists.
Ah, I see. Thanks.
try Armadillo, Floridians think that they are oysters on the half shell.....

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