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spathiphyllum | 17:16 Tue 03rd Apr 2018 | Food & Drink
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Why do they stop grating Parmesan on my food if i don't "say when" when they tell me to "say when"?

It's quite awkward when i say 'that's not quite enough'.


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Because they don't like having to go back to the kitchen for another cheese.
Because, as Samuel Pepys knew, Parmesan is ruddy expensive!
I usually say 'can I have a lot please' and they always oblige !
Does anyone ever say 'when'? It makes me feel a bit daft so I say that's fine, thanks. Or can I have a bit more, please?
I hate grated parmesan and prefer it in slivers.
Yes - my preference is for thin slices too - I use a potato peeler on my block at home :)
When I'm grating the parmesan, they have as much as I can grate in one go. It's blooming hard work.
I don't say "when" I love fresh parmesan, they can scrape away til they're at the point of shredding their fingertips as far as I'm concerned :-)
If they stopped too soon, I'd ask then to carry on (oo err!)
...and I'd tell you to do it yourself, if you want some more. :-)
...this is at home, obviously. ^
Flippin' heck, Ratter. That is horrible.
me too Dave.....lovely tastes much nicer than grated.
lol, i'm with you clever jo, it always makes me laugh when people say "when" to me
I used to be able to buy little pots of grated Parmesan but these days all I can find is grated hard Italian cheese,whose provenance I don't know.
^^^ It's the same stuff, Jack.

Up until 2008 the word 'Parmesan' wasn't legally protected, so it could be applied to any 'Parmesan-style' cheese. (So what you got in those little tubs wasn't actually 'Parmigiano-Reggiano' but it could lawfully pretend to be like it).

Since 2008 only Parmigiano-Reggiano can be described as 'Parmesan' within the EU, which has forced the manufacturers of those little tubs to change their branding to 'hard grated cheese', 'Italian grated cheese' or similar.
Thanks for that.
Those little horrible tubs are what put people off Parmesan.

'Ugh! No It smells like sick', they'd say, but they loved it when the freshly grated stuff was in their food.
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I have heaps on my pasta... always have a good block in the house...

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