Fresh Turkey?

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Prudie | 20:16 Sat 03rd Feb 2018 | Food & Drink
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Do butchers and supermarkets always keep fresh turkeys in or would I have to pre-order, what do you think?


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supermarkets round me don't
I've always wondered what the difference is between ordering something and pre-ordering it. None, I suspect.
If you want a whole bird best ask a local butcher to get one.
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Well that made me think jack "A pre-order is an order placed for an item that has not yet been released". I suppose if the turkey's still alive now...
Anyway yes I had a feeling I might have to order one.
Isn't a proper fresh turkey actually a living turkey?
Might be hard to get a fresh turkey at the moment. They are usually slaughtered at around 18 weeks old and your in between Christmas and Easter now
I've never seen fresh turkeys in supermarkets other than at Christmastime.

We're lucky enough to have a traditional butcher's shop where I live
but I'd be very surprised if even they have fresh turkeys available all year round (without ordering).

Your best chance of finding a fresh turkey at this time of the year (other, of course, than at a poultry farm) might be to try one of the posh 'food halls' that can be found in some areas.
I know that M&S used to sell fresh ones. We always got our Xmas turkey from them. I used to have to go with my mother on Xmas Eve to be there before the doors opened at 8 o'clock. I then had to dash in and grab a turkey before they all disappeared within half an hour.
they still do jackdaw and often have small turkey breast joints in the chilled cabinet but I think they only have whole ones at Christmas and maybe at Easter.
The turkeys that are sold fresh for Christmas are bred specifically to be ready for slaughter just in time to go to the shops for Christmas sale.
You may get one from a turkey farm. There is one near me and they have fresh turkeys available year round. More expensive than the supermarket though. They will also bone and stuff them for you with a choice of stuffings if you order in advance.
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Hmm, this may prove more difficult that I thought then. Ill try some butchers.
Why do you want a turkey?
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I want to do the whole Christmas thing in 2 weeks with my daughter and her boyfriend as we were away - turkey, ham, cranberry sauce etc etc meringues, trivia, if you get my drift
must you have fresh? You might be luckier looking for frozen
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If it comes down to it I may have to, it's just not something I would ever have done for an actual Christmas.
I've been trying to find a poultry farm in your part of the country, Prudie, which I think is Dorset. However, as has been said, most farms seem to breed turkeys solely for the Christmas market.


I suspect that many butchers will struggle to source a fresh bird at this time of the year.

Good luck, anyway!

Oh, Merry Christmas, BTW!

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Thanks Chris. The Chilcott one is about 3 miles from me but all the dates do refer to only December :-(
If you find yourself needing to cheat, all of the major supermarkets seem to stock fresh turkey breast fillet steaks. However Morrison's also sell a whole breast fillet
and, unlike other supermarkets, they also offer some dark meat too
I honestly believe that if you buy a quality frozen turkey and thaw it properly you won't know the difference.

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