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anthro-nerd | 12:41 Thu 01st Feb 2018 | Food & Drink
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We all have our faves, whether it's a chinese, pizza, italian...

My go to is: sweet n sour chicken, seaweed, house special egg fried rice.

What's yours?! (ps, can you tell it's nearly lunchtime and I'm thinking of food!)


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Love prawn sesame toast from the Chinese! But i do also LOVEE a Chicken saag from the Indian... So my perfect combo would be Prawn toast for starters, with chicken saag for mains... Not sure on desert... i'd rather have another starter! :D
Indian for me. King prawns, spinach and paneer usually feature.
I love paneer... Paneer in bombay potato's with a bit of saag as well... MMMM!
we haven't had a take away for at least 10 years

I'm happy with a hot Indian...
lol no..i dare not reply balders
Either I'm a snob, or I'm deprived...but I never get takeaways. My daughter once ordered from Dominoes when visiting. It was the most disgusting thing I'd had in a long time.
Lamb tikka, mushroom bhaji and peshwari naan
Sweet & sour pork Hong Kong style with Singapore spicy noodles
Dominos is dreadful.

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Dominos is only good if you get the thin and crispy base or italian base, the normal one if too doughy and greasy. Eurgh.

Voltage - a decade with no takeaways! I struggle with a week!
Dominos is completely dreadful, I agree.
Not to mention, overpriced.

We usually go for a Chinese, we don't have firm favourites, just depends on what mood we're in :-D
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ps, yes to prawn toasties always!!
Especially when the crust is all deep fried and sesame coated :P
Lamb Tikka Pathia, Garlic naan, onion bhaji
Crispy Chilli beef and fried rice
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crispy chilli beef! YAASSSSS
Saag aloo and keema rice pre op but now is its a taandori meat starter which lasts me 2 days.
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Islay, what kind of meat is 'keema'... it freaks me out not knowing!
Keema is basically Asian for minced meat

It's probably minced tandoori meat
and it is damn delicious
Keema or Qeema (قیمہ‬) (pronounced [ˈqiːmaː]) is a traditional meat dish from the South Asia. The word may be borrowed from the Turkish kıyma, which means minced meat. It is typically minced beef or mutton curry (lamb or goat) with peas or potatoes.

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