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anthro-nerd | 12:41 Thu 01st Feb 2018 | Food & Drink
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We all have our faves, whether it's a chinese, pizza, italian...

My go to is: sweet n sour chicken, seaweed, house special egg fried rice.

What's yours?! (ps, can you tell it's nearly lunchtime and I'm thinking of food!)


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We very rarely have take away food. We do love certain curries though..
it depends on my mood, i really fancy snacky bits right now, so some satay would be good with samosas and onion baji's although if you gave me a plate of beef in oyster sauce with fried rice i wouldn't turn you down...
Can't beat a fish supper with mushy peas!
I know the Indian we use uses Lamb for his keema mince.
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maggie, curry sauce as well no? yum!

islay, ah well if you know that's a different story... maybe my local is just a one off for undetermined meat!
I don't think I could manage a chicken Tikka masala at the moment (I have a bit of a soar throat) but that is one of my favourites when ordering a take-away but popping in It'd be chicken tikka on garlic naan.
Salt and pepper chilli squid.

Singapore rice noodles.

Chicken satay skewers.

No sharing.
Mini pancake rolls, Duck in plum sauce, egg fried rice, prawn crackers.
Lamb passanda, pilau rice, onion and cauliflower bhajis.
Pastafreak - agree with you. The only time we have had takeaways in the last 40+ years has been when visiting our son who has an excellent dim sum takeaway round the corner - we don't even have to take away as they deliver!
Keema madras, pilau rice, aloo gobi, paratha.
I sometimes have something else but that is my go to menu.
Pappadoms and onion chutney to start.
Love all takeaway food, Chinese, Indian, Pizza etc. Trouble is these types of food don't like me anymore.

I used to love stopping off at the chippy after work on a Friday but I'll suffer all night if I do that now and no amount of Rennies, Gaviscon etc., will help :o(
Chicken Dhansak, mushroom rice, muttar paneer. Love it.
Canton chicken or beef with green peppers.
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chicken and lamb mixed madras curry, mushroom pilau rice, keema nan, spicy popadoms, glass of coke with ice....

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