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masma | 21:25 Sat 30th Dec 2017 | Food & Drink
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I've been given a Philips air fryer and all the reviews are good but.. I did jacket potatoes tonight, book said 25 minutes. After 50 minutes they were still raw in the middle so I put them in the microwave. Any ideas what I did wrong?


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Don't have one but I'd wonder if spud size mattered. Microwave ovens heat food from the inside; heat from hot air needs to work gradually in from outside.
Masma.....I don't know why the books say 25 mins.....I now give them at least an hour in the air fryer....and they're the best jacket potatoes!

You do need to try and learn but it's worth it....x
I agree - 25 minutes has to be a misprint

Somewhere around 1 hour at 190C will do a couple of decent sized spuds.

As gness says, persevere - they are fantastic.
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Thanks all, I will persevere. Happy New Year!
Yes probably a misprint for 1 hour to 1 hour 25 mins. And that is for one spud , double it for two .
Microwave them first until they start to go soft on both sides then 25 mins in the air fryer would seem reasonable as well.
Don't double it for two, Masma....they'll burn or be horrible...I have done three at a time in one's a small oven....not a microwave and don't start them in the microwave either.....soggy inards.......

Just give them the hour....check and you'll know if you need to add a few minutes....
Happy New Year to you...x
And if you're at all concerned, Masma.....the jacket potato timing is the only one I've found not reliable.....
I have two air fryers....had the first one for ages now and everything else cooks to the exact timing given for fan ovens....x
I think convention ovens (inc. hot air ones) all items cooking at kept at the same temperature regardless how much is in it, so the time doesn't change a lot no metter how much is in the oven. But I think microwaves lose energy as it passes it to the food and so double the items and each get half the energy, so needs double (or at least more) time. But I could be wrong. Worth checking as cooking progresses.
You criticise our deep fried Mars Bars then proceed to fry the very air?

Unbelievable. :-)
You're not wrong, OG.... ;-)
i also got ine for xmas and am so far not very impressed

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