Same Question As Below But I Have A Roast Lamb Joint

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Jahulaye | 20:07 Tue 26th Dec 2017 | Food & Drink
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How to cook without drying it out, boiled maybe it cut into bits, fried and eating in bread with salad like a kebab?


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is it already cooked?
If so boiling it again will make it tough, just slice and warm in gravy.
What joint is it? Leg or shoulder?
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Leg and cooked. I thought that water would rehydrate it and make it juicy once again, warming in gravy sounds good but isn’t it the same consept but with a thicker liquid?
i recon boiling it will make it tasteless
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A slight boil in chilli and spiced gravy sounds groovy
With cold roast meats, I do as above,get the meat sliced and to room temp then add to simmering gravy, by the time you've dished up any accompaniments it's heated through.
No don’t boil warm gently boiling will toughen it.
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Okay thanks guys and guyettes.
Don't boil!
Either wrap loosely in foil or place in a small oven tray covered in foil. Add gravy or water before covering. Let heat gently in the oven on a moderate heat.

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Same Question As Below But I Have A Roast Lamb Joint

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