Sticking Non Stick Loaf Pan

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rockyracoon | 12:36 Sun 24th Dec 2017 | Food & Drink
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My loaf pan has lost it's non stick ability and I forgot to get a new one. I need to make my stuffing and was going to use the loaf pan. Stupid question, and I'm sure I know what the answer will be, but will it be OK to line it with baking parchment?


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You could but it may be an *** to peel it off the stuffing - how about heavy buttering of the tin to add extra grease to the stuffing also a bit of extra taste
Question Author
That's what I thought, Islay. I was going to line the dish with streaky bacon as well, would that make any difference?
You could use butter or cooking oil to treat the baking parchment.
I think I'd just line the base, Rocky.....with the bacon that should be fine and you can knife the sides out....
Says the woman who has one unusable hand after simply opening a can...... :-(
Question Author
Thanks Danny. Decisions, decisions eh. First world problems.
Gness, no such thing as 'simply' opening a can.Can't remember how many times I have had injuries from opening cans.
bacon lined with butter would be yummy imo
You're right,'s simple till you have the can in one hand and the opener in the other....then it becomes a disaster waiting to happen...... :-)
You should end up with some lovely crunchy scrapings.
Question Author
My Bacofoil says it's non stick. Do you think they are lying?
Probably yes, but it will look festive with sparkly silver bits.
Yes they are lying....but as Mamya says it'll look festive and liven up any guests with fillings..... :-)
Question Author
Lol, very true. Might clash with my rose gold theme, though.

And Hopkirk, I forgot about those lovely crunchy bits.
Question Author
All made with well greased parchment and lined with streaky bacon. Fingers crossed it doesn't come out of the pan looking like a dog's dinner

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Sticking Non Stick Loaf Pan

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