How Do You Eat Yours?

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NoMercy | 07:09 Mon 11th Sep 2017 | Food & Drink
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Chilli con carne, that is?

I favour mine without rice, just in a bowl with a good dollop of creme fraiche on top.

I know some like to add guacamole, cheese, nachos, tacos, etc.

Anyway, I'm cooking the stuff later and was wondering how to jazz it up a little, particularly the rice, which is a must-have component for the OH.

Best answer for best rice idea!


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Sometimes with baked potato...but, if with rice, jazz the rice up with chermoula (even though it is African)......
07:35 Mon 11th Sep 2017
I've never had a Burrito, for years I thought they were donkeys.
I like them :-) It's just a wrap really.
“Can you use chop sticks NJ?”

Yes I can (quite well, actually) but I don’t. Life’s moved on and it’s too short to chase grains of rice round a bowl with a piece of wood.
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I've done that before, Mamya. I also prefer prawn crackers with my Indian curry.

Mexican Chilli, Indian Keema Nan and Afro-Asian rice might not be to everyone's tastes but they are to mine and it's by no means the strangest combo a pregnant lady has ever eaten.

Indeed, Pica with everything, go for it.
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Mamya, if Ginge hadn't introduced me to the joy that is Chermoula, I'd have given you BA for that :-)
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For the Donkey Burritos post that is...
NoM....thanks for BA and glad you like those spice pastes....
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I did indeed and, as suspected, his Lordship didn't note the presence of coriander in the mix :-)

I made the chilli hotter than usual and it was lovely.
after this thread I wanted chilli, had a hot one with garlic bread last night..lovley , will see if I can get my mitts on that chermoula... no Waitrose here.. but will scout around
best chilli I ever had was in Tiajuana, Mexico came on a plate with a tall Taco like collar round it with a side serving of Guacamole.... bit too far to send out for takeaway though !
I meant to post this article yesterday...hope it's of interest. It was for me!
Just read NJs reply...a case of that tinned, chopped up spaghetti is in the post...;-))

See if this ^^^ link fits...not sure what happened above.
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Hi Pasta - thanks for your suggestion yesterday about layering lasagne with cooked peppers. Probably less fiddly and expensive than aubergines and roasted peppers are so sweet and piquant.

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