My Goodness That Was Good.

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EcclesCake | 18:38 Sun 03rd Sep 2017 | Food & Drink
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Well rested rare roasted sirloin of beef. Roast tatties cooked in beef dripping, steamed broccoli and French beans with a roasted shallot. The gravy had a generous glug of port added.

I could eat it all over again.

What has/will be arrivingznonnyour dining table this evening?


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A cheese and cucumber with radish did for me
Grilled halloumi cheese with roasted peaches and balsamic glaze it was yummy.
Yours sounds lush did hubby cook it?
To follow we had fish finger sandwichs lovely hit the spot yummy
I hope someone cooked it for you....much tastier if someone else has slaved over an oven for you!! Lasgne for me tonight with a cherry roulade to follow....cooked for me by the chef at a local pub/hotel!!
Eccles that sounds amazing!
We had pork loin steaks, roast potatoes, carrots, greens, apple sauce, gravy, and Mr Smow insisted on yorkies too lol. Not as grand as yours I'm afraid lol.
Sounds wonderful. Ours was home-made burgers (recipe developed over many years), veg. and what we call 'Pommes de terre Les Mornes'. This is not an official dish, but it is how the spuds were cooked at a wonderful place we used to go to in Summer. They had converted a small barn to a concert venue and you went to a chamber-music recital (or something else) and finished with an al-fresco meal.
Small spuds were broiled with herbs for hours over an open fire, very slowly - gorgeous. I parboil them then coat them in oil and herbs and slow-fry before popping into an oven to slowly keep warm and absorb the herb flavours. Very nearly the same taste if you use Herbs de Provence. Takes us back to some wonderful evenings. :)
We had roast lamb from the pub down the road. I've just finished off the leftover stuffing and roast potatoes.
Indian takeaway for us. Chicken biryani for OH and a Korma for me with pilau rice. Also a mushroom bhaji and a sag aloo. Poppadoms to start with.
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It was all cooked by me, I set myself a personal challenge to get a meal on the table.

We'll have the leftover meat tonight with salad and new pots.

Tomorrow I will Hoover up the leftover curry that we froze on Saturday. I love leftovers, all the deliciousness and none of the effort!
No yorkies to wipe up gravy :(
Eccles....nothing like as yummy as that !

I'm glad that you add some Port to the gravy......I have been advocating that for many years.

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My Goodness That Was Good.

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