Traditional Yorkshire Pudding.

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derekpara | 20:58 Tue 29th Aug 2017 | Food & Drink
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I seem to recall that tradional Yorkshire puddings should be baked flat - in a tin- and served after the main course, sometimes with jam. Am I correct ?




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with gravy yum yum
I have my Aunt Bessie's with my roast beef.
Certainly how I was brought up on them in Doncaster, Yorkshire. Any sort of sweetish topping, including a splash of milk.
no no not after .or jams .That is like having gravy with haggis no way . I have mine with the roast dinner ,Used to be just with beef but have them with any meat now .
EEK ! Haggis needs only neeps an' tatties !
Many years ago, I was in the part of Yorkshire, where they filmed "Last of the Summer Wine" We had lunch in one of the Pubs up in the hills, which featured in those sequences where the boys would nurse a half pint of beer for a few hours !

Lovely Pub, which I can't now recall the name. But they served what they called "proper" Y. Pud. It was a thick slab that took up at least half of the plate, not those delicate and crispy little things my Mum used to produce at home.

It was quite nice but a little stodgy, although I suspect that was the original purpose of fill you up, cheaply.

Basically the same product also appeared on the dessert menu, with golden syrup !
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Thanks to everyone.

Yes, Mamie, what a versatile dish.
I think Mikey's answer at 08.32 fits the bill.
Dare I say that I prefer a slab with a soggy bottom rather than an airy/fairy dish ! ?

First course, served with gravy.
I always used to get a soggy bottom. That's why I now use Aunt Bessie's. :-)

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Traditional Yorkshire Pudding.

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