whisking marmite

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mews64 | 20:44 Sun 23rd Oct 2005 | Food & Drink
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is it true that if you whisk marmite for an hour and a half it turns white?


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I heard its 3 hours...when you've
Yes, and I think they have taken "gullible" out of the dictionary as well 
-- answer removed --

...well I suppose if you could incorporate enough air, then it might lighten in colour....'s to short...

....and marmite's still minging.

14minutes to go.......its still brown........and me arms aching..... 
the>one, very interesting but what about the Marmite? 
oh behave TCL!
Also did you know that if you say elephant REAAALLLLY slowly it sounds like gullible?
Mews, I'm with you hun.  I didn't know this was a P take.  I am the most gullible person in the world.  You are not alone!

Im feeling a bit sorry for mews...(if your a chappie)your hand must be aching a bit...just hope you got ..a..partner.....which ..reminds me of an old chinese saying..

Sex is like playing bridge..



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whisking marmite

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