Recommendations For Fish Dinners Please.

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trt | 17:04 Sat 15th Jul 2017 | Food & Drink
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I have been told by my doctor to eat boiled fish for my low potassium.
Its been years since I have had any, as I like my food fleshy & spicy.

Would prefer recommendations for easy cook, ready meals.


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Youngs Kipper fillets from Iceland - 4 minutes in the microwave.
Delicious and good for you.
Have you been given a Potassium supplement and the fish is to maintain the level?
There are many other food sources that are rich in Potassium, bananas being the obvious one. Boiling the fish sounds an odd method as the nutrients will simply leech into the cooking water.

Do some googling for foods you enjoy that are Potassium rich.

Do you know what your level is?
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#Have you been given a Potassium supplement and the fish is to maintain the level?#
My previous post about it.

Yes Eccles, soluble tablets & regular blood test.
why does it have to be boiled? Could you not use an oil spray in a non stick pan?
Or even just whack the fish in the microwave with some lemon and a touch of butter, boiling sounds revolting and counter productive to retaining nutrients.

Do you know what your Potassium level is TRT?
Mushrooms, beans, pistachios and other nuts are pretty good sources of Potassium. There are many sources TRT, Google Dietary Potsssium supplements and you'll get lots of ideas that you can choose from.

The supplements are very effective and getting the results of you blood tests will show how stable your level is.
Young's Funky Fish Kitchen range (from the freezer in Asda) is excellent:
(I particularly recommend the South Indian Fish Pie)

Otherwise forget the 'boiled' bit and simply use your microwave. Buy a 'serves one'-sized rainbow trout (in Morrison's, for example). Remove the head and tail (or get the fishmonger to do it for you - he should have already gutted the fish). Use a sharp knife to put a few slits in the skin on either side of the fish and microwave for around three minutes. Serve simply with boiled new potatoes and perhaps some buttered bread. (If you want to give it a bit of a 'zing' serve it with some lime pickle or whatever else takes your fancy)
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Thanks for all the tips folks, plenty to look at.
get a fillet of trout, put it in between two plates with lots of lime juice, maybe a little butter, and microwave until just done.
Bream is a really tasty, fleshy fish, score it on both sides and rub a little oil into it and grill for 10 minutes or so each side, serve with a side salad or make your own by finely chopping, red onion, pepper, cucumber and grated carrot and drizzle over a little salad dressing, scrummy!
Most often a supermarket, well some, sell the fish sealed in a bag you can shove into a conventional oven. If buying whole rather than a fillet, go to a place high class enough that a competent fishmonger is there who can gut & clean it for you. I don't know about the potassium content of different fish, but I'd say oily fish and smoked fish are more tasty.
My favourite method for salmon is to wipe aluminium foil with oil, pop the fillet in the middle, season, herb or spice it (chilli sauce perhaps) and fold up the foil and scrunch it to seal it. On a baking tray and into a hot oven(200C - ish) for about 15mins or just put the seasoned fish in a pie dish, cover with cling-film and cook in the oven.
^ microwave oven (as I typed!)

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Recommendations For Fish Dinners Please.

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