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Smowball | 16:45 Thu 06th Jul 2017 | Food & Drink
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I've got a couple to use up tonight so what can I do to serve them as a side dish that has some flavour?? They're so watery!


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Now courgettes, I do like. :-) Make a ratatouille with them, Smow.
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How do I do that quickly ? : )
Here you are, ive got a Greek cookery book and there something similar.


Try that, Smow. Just adapt the ingredients if you don't have them all.
Sorry it's American.
Fry them in garlic and olive oil
I made fritters last year and they were gorgeous. I put chillies in mine. Absolutely essential you squeeze all the moisture out after you grate them. Good ideas here.
I love courgettes, fried in butter with garlic is the best
Slice lengthways, spread oil over & grill.
Fry in proper butter and garlic with a twist of pepper

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