Serve Beer In The Wrong Labelled Glass

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pjbear0 | 08:03 Thu 29th Jun 2017 | Food & Drink
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Is it illegal to serve a pint of beer in the wrong glass. I.e serve a Carling in a glass labelled with a Stella logo


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s'ppose it depends on your local...don't see it happening up here !
Apparently if you have a metered delivery system for the beer its ok for a customer to use their own vessel, but you can’t have a pot that is smaller than the legal if your pot is not quite a pint then you’d have to drink halves....I think more to the point is the pain that they are for bar staff to care for....they need special washing and putting away and you have to be more careful filling them as the standard these days is a clean vessel for every drink to avoid spreading bugs.
Around 30 years ago, my inlaws had a pub and even then having a glass or pot behind the bar was was a privilege that might be offered but you couldn’t just do it.
It is perfectly legal to serve beer into an unlined glass as long as ...

... the glass is a 'full-to-brim' stamped measure

... or the beer is from a metered dispenser.

To return to the OP, I can only see a problem if the Pub is 'passing off' - ie you order a pint of (say) Stella, but get a pint of Carling in a Stella glass.

would you know the difference ?
Certainly not - all commercial draught lager is produced by a factory full of incontinent gnats in Northampton ...
all tastes the same to me cold and wet and nowt else really

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Serve Beer In The Wrong Labelled Glass

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