Why Cadbury Spiral Changed To Spira

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Coollink | 03:43 Sat 10th Jun 2017 | Food & Drink
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Ok I'm 34 and when I was a kid I remember a chocolate bar called spiral it used to be in a white and perple packaging and the old advert for it used to have the I'm so dizy song on it but know it's like Cadbury is trying to erase it from our memory's they changed the name to spira and the packging to red and perple It don't make any sense why if I serch spiral nothing comes up all just spira comes up it's like Cadbury is trying to hide something from us dose anyone else remover them being called spirals


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I don't know. It used to be the finest chocolate, my favourite, but since the Yanks took over the business and changed the recipe I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. The last bar I bought I took one bite and binned the rest.
Was it very similar to a flake but incased in chocolate?

Lots of things change names.
I don't remember Spira or Spiral, but US food manufacturers have often changed our British things to American. E.g. Marathon to Snickers; Opal Fruits to ... erm, whatever they're called now.

Cadbury is now owned by a US business, as JD said, so perhaps they're erasing all links to its past. By your description I'm thinking of Ripple, as ummmm suggested.
I remember Spira but I don't remember it being called Spiral
Cool, are you sure it was originally called Spiral? I only ever remember it as Spira. No mention on Wiki as it ever having changed names ..
Mars made Ripple, Cadbury made Spira
A shorter name is a good idea; just think of the ink saved when writing it on the wrapper.
I remember Spiro Agnew, if it helps.

Here's an advert from way back when. At the end you can see the wrapper clearly states Spira.

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Why Cadbury Spiral Changed To Spira

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