Thin Crust Pizza - Homemade

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Smowball | 11:08 Mon 22nd May 2017 | Food & Drink
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How do I ensure my pizza dough doesn't rise too much? I make my own pizzas but the dough always rises more than I'd like - and I'd prefer them to be more of a thin crust.


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Do you roll or hand stretch, or a combination of both?

The hand stretching is key in my opinion to get a thin crust.
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Stretch on worktop x
I find lifting the dough up and stretching by hand 'in the air' rather than on a work surface works better, if that makes sense.

Also you could be using too much dough to begin with and not resting sufficiently.

It's quite a difficult question to answer without seeing/understanding your current technique.
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I confess that I tend to make the dough in my breadmaker as it wasn't being used to make bread! It comes out very well and it's simply the quantities stated in book( I'll give them if it will help). I alternate between making dough and then using straight away , and making earlier in day and then leaving in an oiled bowl covered with cling film.

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Thin Crust Pizza - Homemade

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