Any Wine Drinkers?

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tinkerbell23 | 23:43 Tue 18th Apr 2017 | Food & Drink
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Looking for a nice bottle of white for a specia occasion!

Was going to try a chateauneuf du pape blanc but having trouble finding some!

I am NO wine buff... but i love the stuff!

I love citrus flavours and fruity wines but dry.... (not so fussy)

Used to your average zinfandel or sauv blanc xx


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I would go for a Chilean or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, about £10ish.
That's if you're buying as a gift at someone's home. If in a restaurant, look at £30+
>>> Used to your average zinfandel or sauv blanc

How about a decidedly above average Sauvignon Blanc?

I tried a bottle of 'Truly Irresistible' Leyda Valley Sauvignon Blanc from the Co-op recently and I was extremely impressed with it. It's got a lovely sharp (but not aggressive) taste to it, somewhere between dessert apples and gooseberries. It cost £7.99 but was as good as some wines that I've paid two or three times that for.

So I googled it to see if others agreed. I found that it was recommended by both The Guardian
and The Telegraph

Otherwise, for a quality white wine, I'd suggest seeking out a white Rioja. Such wines are traditionally made from Viura grapes but many vineyards have been replacing Viura crops with grapes which produce higher yields, so the rules now allow white Rioja to be made with a minimum of 51% Viura and up to 49% Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. Waitrose is a good source of white Rioja wines (which can be difficult to find in many other supermarkets) but their website is currently offline, so I can't point you towards any particular one.

A further alternative might be a decent bottle of Chardonnay, which means one from a region which is somewhat cooler than the high-yield areas where most Chardonnay grapes come from. The obvious region to look for there is Chablis, which produces some lovely wines.
" It's got a lovely sharp (but not aggressive) taste to it, somewhere between dessert apples and gooseberries."

Quel poseur!!!!
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Well thank you everyone!

Its for me... to drink! Cant wait!

I had a chablis before not so long ago and didnt enjoy it at all :0(

White r
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....rioja sounds like a plan mmm x
Thanks for your post.

The Waitrose website is now back online. Either of these two should be worth a try:
Click through to read the reviews

The Cune looks particularly tempting based upon what The Telegraph said about it:

It's my birthday tomorrow (Thursday) and I think that I might buy a bottle of that for myself!
PS: If you're still looking for a Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc (and don't mind forking out 25 quid for it), M&S might be worth a try:
Oyster Bay, and Marlborough, two New Zealand regeons, produce some excellent white wines at reasonable prices. Worth a look.
Chris, the wine in your link is a very good wine indeed.

There you go Martin Codax...from the Albarino grape.
with you describing your flavour balance, I would suggest a Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon blend from the Margaret River area in Oz....there are some delicious ones out there. The Wine Society has a very nice one called Pitchfork, £9-50 a bottle, failing them M&S do a proprietary one and Majestic probably have a small range, such as the Te Mata, a NZ one.
My goodness Sqad, that is nearly 10€ a bottle! A lot for Spain. Try Indómito , a new Chardonnay on offer in Mercadona. 1,99€ a bottle and very agreeable for drinking at home. If they have any left!
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Mouth is watering!!!!

Thankyou!! Xx

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