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ladywoman | 19:12 Sat 15th Apr 2017 | Food & Drink
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I have the chance of acquiring an electric AGA. Does anyone know how economical they are to use. Thanks


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See here:

As a rough guide, multiply the numbers shown there by 0.122 (because electricity costs about 12.2p per kWh on many tariffs) in order to get a cost in pounds and pence. e.g. for the Aga City60 it's stated: "To cook a standard weekly menu: 32kW". Multiplying that by 0.12 gives a cost of £3.90 per week to cook the menu shown towards the bottom of that page.
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Thanks for that Buenchico. I wonder how that compares with an ordinary single oven and hob?
This might help:

(To 20p per unit cost of electricity used on that page appears to include the standing charge element, which I excluded from my example above, meaning that you need to reduce the figures shown on that page a bit to get a fairer comparison).

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