Can I Eat The Pansies

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Prudie | 19:50 Thu 13th Apr 2017 | Food & Drink
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in my window boxes? Just watching masterchef.


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I don't know... but that dish looked gorgeous.
Sprinkle them with sugar and cook them !.
yum - my sheep love pineapple, pineapple soup and nasturtium.....
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I had no idea you could eat so many flowers.
It's surprising isn't it?
I have used primulas to decorate my simnel cake (in between the 11 balls of marzipan). They gave the cake a really pretty finishing touch, tasted fine too.
You can eat a whole lot more than you could imagine ... they can turn a salad into a work of art.
The actual flowers are edible....what may cause a problem are contaminants such as insecticide, cat pee road fumes and so on!
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Can I Eat The Pansies

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