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bednobs | 10:44 Tue 11th Apr 2017 | Food & Drink
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hi, due to arthritis in my hands, i have a lot of trouble chopping things. I find myself buying pre-chopped onions/carrots to avoid having to chop veg. Is there such a thing as an onion dicer that's dish washer friendly? smething you could put a whole onion in and it comes out chopped


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Have you got a blender?
You could buy a mini chopper, I use one for when I am not doing enough to get my big chopper out.
I`ve got a Tefal Minipro which was an impulse buy at Costco. It does chop things (I tend to use it for making pesto) but you have to be careful that you don`t overchop them. You just press the button on the top for a quick pulse and you can add or remove the blades for greater or smaller quantities.
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+can you dishwah5s7e7r it?
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sorry - 4 year old "helping"
Apparently, you can dishwasher the base and blades.
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is it hard to take the lid on and off?
No. The electronic bit at the top just sits on top of the chopping chamber. The only thing you have to do is slide the blades down the shaft and drop the plastic lid in place, then put the electronic bit on top of it.
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thanks sj, i bought the one you suggested - is there any way on making it chop bigger pieces? I used one blade and tentative pressing on the pulser, but it seemed to pulverise the onion :)
"...when I am not doing enough to get my big chopper out.

Too much information, Randy.
The last time I bought diced frozen onions they turned out to be cheaper than the raw vegetable, pound for pound.

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Onion Chopper

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