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EcclesCake | 12:02 Sun 19th Mar 2017 | Food & Drink
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I'm trying to think of something to do with a couple of spuds for this evenings supper.

Don't fancy roasties, toying with hasselback or boulangere any other suggestions.

Having a creamy sauce so don't want dauphinoise or similarly rich.


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are they big enough to bake, if so when done cut in half, scoop out potato, put mash in bowl, add cheese, little cream, mix all together, put mixture back into scooped out skins, grill, they are delicious.
or better still bake in the over not grill..
bake in oven, cor my typing is useless.
I did hasselback last week, if you've a want or taste for that, do it, I love them.
Parboil, slice, sauté with slivers of onion until crisp.
If you've got some good olive oil, hot crash potatoes is super, par boil them, crush them roughly, drizzle with the oil and grill til they start to become golden brown, here's one recipe;
Then grate spuds
Wrap in tea towel or muslin cloth
Squeeze out the starch
1tsp of veg oil and knob of butter in frying pan,gently heat
When hot spread grated spuds evenly
Plenty of pepper some salt
Cook one side 10 mins,or when brown
Go round edge with spatula
Place large dinner plate over pan,turn upside down,then slide back into pan.Cook other side
You should have delicious Hash Browns - cut into portions,then serve.
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Lovely idea Emmie but too rich to go with a cream sauce.

Shoota, I had considered parmentiere but as I'm feeling lazy I think I'd prefer a prep ahead and bung in the oven type thing.

Rosti isn't a bad idea, himself will think all his birthdays and Christmas have come at once!
i expect you are right, its lovely though.
'Rosti isn't a bad idea, himself will think all his birthdays and Christmas have come at once! '
Only if you serve it in a French maids outfit.....

(Was supposed to be above but I'm being gremlined - again.)
Question Author
He wouldn't blink Shoota, I always serve supper that way...... ;-)
Lol - love it!
That sounds lovely emmie. Eccles do you wear the apron AND stockings?? ; )
Question Author
Natch...... :-)
smow, dead easy to make
I'll give them a go then emmie - thankyou. So what are you going to make Eccles??
Question Author
If only I knew Smow.......
Question Author
Before I go and hassel a back anymore suggestions....?
How about a potato salad?

season the spuds with a homemade dry rub and bacon drippings, then grill over medium-high heat. Toss with a tangy mayonnaise-based dressing spiked with Dijon mustard and Worcestershire sauce........maybe some chopped chilli or red onions and apple in it?

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