Do You Like Feta,or Another Cheese?

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OldBather | 18:11 Thu 16th Mar 2017 | Food & Drink
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Lately I have become somewhat addicted to (Sheep's Milk) Feta.I realise that it's not to everyone's taste,but I could live on (any) cheese.
Do you like cheese (some people loathe it) and if so what is your favourite?


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If you told me I could never eat meat again I wouldn't be particularly worried.

If you told me I could never eat cheese again, well my world would come crashing down.
I agree with emmie - a real (aged) Swiss Gruyere is a thing of beauty.

From France I'll take the three Cs - Cantal, Comté & Camembert

From Spain some Manchego

From England some Yarg, Godminster or Creamy Lancashire

From Scotland - Connage Dunlop

From Ireland - Kerry Blue

I do like a bit of cheese :)
In my fridge now, I've got cornish cheddar, cambozola,mini buffalo mozzarella, 2 kinds of halloumi, Boursin, and finally...feta. They are all favourites.
Oh...and one that's layered gorgonzola and mascarpone.
I love feta and probably eat it a couple of times a week. Either with a salad or with crispbreads. Feta and beetroot is delicious, and a few olives of course.
I like Emmenthal, but that Dingle family get on my nerves
You can get any cheese you've heard of and many that you haven't in America if you go to the right places, but generally speaking most of the stuff you see is awful, including some in aerosols!
Strong cheddar is my favourite and of course Wensleydale - I don't eat Brie or any of it's soft cousins due to the dangers of Listeria which spoils the enjoyment for me.
I wonder if we took a vote how many of us would admit to having been driven to the Cheese stash since this thread started?

May I be the first to raise my hand.
Have recently reignited my taste for crumbly white cheese, Cheshire, Lancashire, Caerphilly, Wensleydale. And I do love feta, stinks like an old goat but tastes delicious. Not so keen on french cheeses as they tend to smell stronger than they actually taste.
Seem to remember a cheese called Stinking Bishop. Has anyone tried it - certainly haven't seen it in any of my local shops.
Question Author
i love stinking bishop, really delicious.
Here you go Maggiebee...

Lots of cheese purveyors have it...not sure about supermarkets.
i think Waitrose does it.

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Do You Like Feta,or Another Cheese?

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