M&s Lattice Pie Thingies

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ethandron | 17:26 Fri 10th Mar 2017 | Food & Drink
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That's what we're having this evening, along with roasted onions and peppers, and steamed mini corn on the cobs and sugar snap peas.
It's been a lovely day and I'm looking forward to our evening meal as Friday is usually fish of some description, which I can take or leave.
Anyone having anything interesting tonight?


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Kung Pao chicken, stir fried veg in oyster sauce and white rice. Looking forward to it as I haven't had a stir fry in a while
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Sounds lovely SJ, we only said the other day how much we miss having a Chinese takeaway (I know you're cooking not buying in) as our local one changed hands and isn't nearly as good.
I'm not actually making the kung pao sauce (it's from Panda Express) but I will add some extra garlic and chilli to it.
No, nowt thrilling- we're on freezer/cupboard offerings until we go shopping tomorrow.

Mr Boo's on a Frey Bentos pie with chips and green beans, and im on chicken kiev with carrots and chips.

mini Boo's at a sleepover so don't have to feed her.

for pudding we're on an apple crumble pizza- which is surprisingly delicious!
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Oooh, apple crumble pizza sounds wonderful, what's not to like???
Our meal is a freezer one, with a hunt in the veg department for something to have with the lattice thingies.
You work in the Co op don't you BOO? Their fancy pants square spaghetti...spaghetti alla the only stuff I buy now, it's lovely. And their freshly baked baguettes beat all other supermarket ones into a cocked hat.
yeah eth I do.

All of our bakery stuff's good, the pastries especially the croissants are amazing.
eating up the fridge tonight, the mater on dinner she left last night over snazzed up with some peas, runner beans and broccoli.

I have the same veg, to which I am eating a chicken and leek pie, onion rings and crispy mushrooms.

There's Wales Ireland rugby on, so a G&T now, red wine and then maybe even a Scotch and a cigar (Cuban naturally).

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M&s Lattice Pie Thingies

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