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Love the comment below that piece ....

//Quality journalism.//
It was actually reported on BBC news this morning.

I have only ever cooked proper chips once and oven fries maybe two times in over twenty years.

Having chips are one of my food luxuries and are my go to food.
I have seen several AB female members eat chips .... I take it that they felt no need to impress me with their diet :(
I've never actually been on a date with anyone I didn't already know well enough to order what I want.
Lol Sunny perhaps they all felt comfortable in your presence x
Frequently, always mine -

"Would you like some chips?"
"No thanks...ooh, those look nice (munch) - pass the ketchup"

Loads of women eat chips but ladies don't.
no, but i rarely see a handsome man, sigh.
It's de rigueur around here. Only on the bus, though.
Oh flip (insert your own four letter word that begins with F).

I drink pints and eat chips, that surely doubles my unladylikeness!

Like I give a flip!
It doubles your waistline, eccles.
You drink pints? God, this gets worse.
And shortens your temper. (just saying, like)
i drink pints, or at least i did. it saves faffing about with half measures.
handsome men would be too self centred for my liking.
Wow, so my natural waist line should be 13"?????

Doesn't sound healthy to me, sameold junk....
Who comes up with this rubbish?
One thing I did like in the article, is the chips were in a bucket!
No I've never see a Women eat a chip... except Mum and SIL's. The ones I see always get salad and say they're on diet whilst flicking their hair back ;-)

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